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Was great.

Good ol' madness killing style, animation was fluid and fast. My only complaint was the song. I've never been a fan of dubstep but this one wasn't too bad, however; to me madness has always had a non-vocal sound track and having a guy talk during some parts put it out of place. In any case, good flash, enjoyed it, but I wasn't a huge fan of the sound track. :)

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to ivan373...

if it's so easy why do you have only 3 startout achievements and nothing else?

good game btw, I loved it. nice and challenging.

Dear lord, that was hard.

That's the number one thing I wanted to say to you, that it is very hard. it really made me think back to the old times, and man they were good. But, it all went well. I got 20/20, after a hour of brain--busting myself. I even had to pop in OOT and Majora's mask to go back to find out some of those answers!

Good quiz my sir. good quiz. And let us hope that the new LoZ coming out for the Wii is alot better than LoZ spirit tracks. I'm sorry but a train? no.

Either way, Good job. that's definitely a quiz that will give you a big headache. I know, I have one now!

Mariofan9 responds:

I'm impressed by all you did to score perfectly. Thank you for your review, too!

Now, don't judge a book by its cover. Spirit Tracks looks like a very good game. When OoT came, people were like "would Zelda in 3D work?" And when Majora's Mask came, fans despised the time limit and difficulty. And when the boat came in Wind Waker, fans also thought Nintendo had gone mad. Over time, fans realised their stupidity because every single one of these games was a masterpiece.

Give Spirit Tracks a chance. Nintendo never let the Zelda franchise down, and I doubt they will now.

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Very powerful.

To me, it goes well together with toccata, one of your other pieces, that I for one love. But with this one, this one delves into my imagination and creates hundreds of scenes. My father is a classical composer and he thought it was very well done, (he loves violins) and I love this one as well.

It's almost as if it is multiple songs combined into one, because of the many contrasting elements the music shifts through, from a calm, dancing tone to a rough, jagged tone that would suit a scene where a man is slowly going insane, and then to a powerful scene that could be sadness related, such as a death in a movie or a play.

Yet this song does not falter in the slightest, it combines these many different elements so fluently, I had to download it.

Amazing work my friend, keep it up.

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I took it...


Ahh that was a good short. So stupid haha. But good job plette, good job on the light source and the shading. Just noticed the shirt you're wearing, awesome.

at MajorazMasta

Oh yeah man don't get me wrong, I fooking love Majora's mask. it's my favorite Zelda game in fact. I'm just saying how could he not like the game that got in the Guinness book of world records as one of the best games in history.

Don't worry though Egoraptor, if you're reading this that is, I still love you.

Oh yeah, good job Plette, forgot to say that.

Plette responds:

Yeah, you DID forget, didn't you? Don't mind me, just an insecure artist looking to bolster his self-esteem with praise from total strangers. Go ahead and start your flame war, I don't mind; I'm not wallowing in the dark pits of depression or anything...*sniff*...

Jk :P Thanks a ton, man; means a lot ^_^

And yeah, MM kicks OoT to the curb; no competition.

It reminds me of...

the art style of superjail. I like it :D great job.

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