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You Can't Trust The System You Can't Trust The System

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I took it...


Ahh that was a good short. So stupid haha. But good job plette, good job on the light source and the shading. Just noticed the shirt you're wearing, awesome.

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Betrayed by his Hero... Betrayed by his Hero...

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at MajorazMasta

Oh yeah man don't get me wrong, I fooking love Majora's mask. it's my favorite Zelda game in fact. I'm just saying how could he not like the game that got in the Guinness book of world records as one of the best games in history.

Don't worry though Egoraptor, if you're reading this that is, I still love you.

Oh yeah, good job Plette, forgot to say that.

Plette responds:

Yeah, you DID forget, didn't you? Don't mind me, just an insecure artist looking to bolster his self-esteem with praise from total strangers. Go ahead and start your flame war, I don't mind; I'm not wallowing in the dark pits of depression or anything...*sniff*...

Jk :P Thanks a ton, man; means a lot ^_^

And yeah, MM kicks OoT to the curb; no competition.

Vampire Killer Vampire Killer

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It reminds me of...

the art style of superjail. I like it :D great job.

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