2009-11-01 15:39:46 by Amiolas

You heard right! IS FINALLY UP!

Here's a list of all the things we've got for you guys to check out!

four of plette's comics!

three of Pete's (aka jimtopia) comics!

a links page so you can see all our favorite web-comics!

and last but not least, a scrapbook page! so you can see all of shot down again's old comics if you haven't checked out plette's art submissions.

We'll also have podcasts up soon! so go to already! why are you still reading this!? go now!

Wuzzat? podcast #2!?

2009-08-25 12:25:02 by Amiolas

Yup, you heard right. Shot Down Again's second podcast. if you haven't heard the first one, go to my first newspost!

In this one, we discuss perversion, comics, and video games.



Well hi everybody!

2009-07-26 21:34:03 by Amiolas

hey everybody! to those of you who MAY know me, highly doubt it though, I'm amiolas from my deviantart, and to those who know me, I'm a graphic artist. Other people may know me as dirk, from Shot-Down Again. I do all the coding, and create the graphic interface. Right now, you can still go there and view all our old comics; We are planning right now, and by we, I mean: jimtopia and plette. Plette and jim will be drawing the art, and I will be managing the overall website, as well as creating a new design yet again. We also have our first podcast in case you want to see it. If you do, go here:

shot down again podcast

So this is all I'll post for now, more will come later. So auf wiedersehen fellow newgrounders!